Simon Pena Placer

I am a Software Engineer from Galicia, a beautiful place in the northwest of Spain.

Mobile development for MeeGo / Harmattan

I worked in core components of the MeeGo / Harmattan platform, helping getting it ready for the final users. I used the MeeGoTouch framework, developed on top of Qt to target mobile touch screen devices, such as those of the Nokia N9 and Nokia N950.

Besides my contributions to the core components, I also participated actively in the MeeGo community, joining the Nokia Developer Program, where I was awarded one of the few available Nokia N950 to provide end-user applications to the Harmattan ecosystem. You can take a look at my publisher profile at the Nokia Store to check all the applications I developed.

Between my work with MeeGoTouch and my work in end-user applications, I developed an extensive experience with Qt technologies, such as Qt Quick, becoming a Qt Ambassador.

Other experience

I'm currently working at the Samsung Research Institute in the UK, as a WebKit Developer.

For additional information on my skills, check my Gitorious, GitHub or Ohloh profiles, my LinkedIn profile or simply contact me.