Classifying account operations

One of the things that made me start coding PennyBank was the idea of classifying account operations in various ways. I first thought about using categories, and letting the user add several ones to an account operation. That could be quite flexible, but after some time thinking, I realized that an account operation is most times classified in just one category: another question is if that category is a subcategory of another one more general.(If I buy a video game, this could be classified in the "video games" category, in the electronic category or even in a more general "spare time". But it appears to me that there is a hierarchy relationship between those categories )

Having just one category  looked enough for me, until I realized that sometimes you may want to highlight, someway, an operation. And that could be done using tags. They should be different from categories, being a more specific way to filter operations, but making easier to develop the application core.

So, right now, this is the selected choice. One operation could be categorized or not, but should be classified in just one category. Categories, themselves, can be arranged hierarchically. And finally, operations can be tagged with multiple tags.