Another (general) status report

Some quick notes (the list of things which would deserve a full blog entry for themselves just keeps growing...)

  • My manager (I don't like how "boss" sounds) retired last week. Although he visited us a couple of days more to spend some time with us, things will be, at least, different. We'll surely miss him.
  • I started working with Grilo at Igalia, as the practicum work for the Free Software Master. I've been assigned a challenging task: improve the bindings infrastructure. Currently I'm getting familiar with the project, reading the doc and playing with the examples: it looks really interesting!
  • Yesterday I received permissions to upload to extras-devel, so... maevies & butaca-server are available now! Of course, all said warnings about extras-devel still apply. In my case, it's about memory consumption: the backend doesn't free the objects exposed via DBus, so you have to kill it to get that done. It's a small footprint and all that, but it's not nice and of course not the way I want it: having it uploaded to extras will get me motivated to fix it :) (Sure, there will be other issues as well, and I'll set up the bugtracker as soon as possible)
  • I've started with the slides for the JaMp talk at GUADEC-ES. There's still time left, but with these things, you never know...