Butaca is now available in the Ovi Store

After having improved the movie showtimes support and updated the UI so it aligns better with the Swipe UX, this Saturday I submitted Butaca to the Ovi Store. Yesterday (yes, that quickly!) I got a notification that it had been accepted. I'm really satisfied with this release: I use the application myself a lot, and it's great to be able to check which movies are playing on the cinemas and later review their details and the crew's.

Search movie

I've uploaded a screencast to Youtube, displaying how the application works, and -as usual- screenshots are available at my Flickr gallery. You can also review the release details at the project page (where you'll be able to file bugs or get support as well).

If you wonder what's to come next, here's some insight:

  • Localization
  • Check for extras after and during the credits (now that I have an API available for that)
  • Offline mode / better data caching
  • Embed trailer playback in the application
  • UI improvements

Download Butaca for free from the Ovi Store!