On the WebKitGTK+ Hackfest 2012

This week I attended my first WebKitGTK+ hackfest. It was hosted at our Igalia office in A Coruña, so it was the perfect opportunity to join so many good hackers!

Claudio wrote a pretty good blog post giving an overview of the hackfest , explaining who was doing what, so I'll just mention that I focused on improving the WebKit2GTK+ port sections documentation (because, you know, we don't want this to happen). You can see here how scarce it was looking previously:

Original documentation

and how it looks now:

Updated documentation

That's just the short description, but each of those sections has also an extended description that tries to give an idea of how to use it. Still, if something is not clear enough, just file a bug and we'll try to improve it.

This updated documentation will be available at the WebKit2GTK+ Reference Manual in the next release, but since it's already upstream, you can build it yourself simply passing the --enable-gtk-doc flag.

I also want to thank the GNOME Foundation and all the sponsors who have made this event possible:

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Collabora Logo