A time of changes

I left my job at Igalia at the beginning of this month, after a bit more than two years working there.

These past two years have been incredible: I was living in Finland for almost the whole 2011, participating in the MeeGo project, and then spent 2012 working from A Coruña's offices, working on WebKit and other technologies. I enjoyed it a lot, got really attached to the people there —some of them I call friends now—, and grew a lot professionally.

Igalia is organized in a flat structure, where we take more responsibilities than just coding, and where the ultimate step is to become a partner. However, I currently have the feeling that I want to focus more on the technical side of things, to gain more expertise, and that would be too complicated without neglecting these other responsibilities —the kind of responsibilities that take time and energy. Then, being honest with my colleagues, the responsible thing was leaving.

I have only started looking for new opportunities since I announced my decision, so things are still a bit unclear. We will be quite probably leaving Spain and heading North: we would like to go to The Netherlands, but we don't discard anything in advance.

If your company needs a Software Engineer, chances are I could be of help, so take a look at my profile in LinkedIn, and don't hesitate to ask me for my CV or other details. And, if you're so kind, please pass the word and help me find a new cool place!