Living in the UK: three months at Samsung

It is amazing how fast time goes: it feels it was yesterday when I wrote that I had started looking for a new job, and after some time doing interviews, I joined Samsung at their Research Center in the UK.

It's been three months working here already, and things are going very well. The work here at Samsung is really interesting, and I am part of a team working on DTV, with a particular focus on the WebKitGTK+ project. I am (again!) surrounded by great developers, and I am already learning a lot!

The worst part about moving abroad was packing everything, putting all our belongings into boxes, and watching the empty space they left, but the rest was quite easy. My girlfriend and I initially stayed in a serviced apartment in Staines (a town right next to London where Samsung has these research offices), and we've just recently moved to Richmond: a really nice borough in London, still close by train to Staines, and more convenient to enjoy all that London can offer (and it offers a lot!). Besides, we are already bringing in all our stuff, so the new place is already looking like a home!

Richmond Bridge

I plan to write here in my blog about some of the things we are doing at Samsung, but I will leave that for another post: in the meanwhile, you can enjoy the picture :)