Butaca: on hold indefinitely

A year and a half ago I published some pictures with the new changes that I was preparing in Butaca, hopefully "to be released soon". Unfortunately, there were some stability issues that I never had the time to investigate and fix properly, so all the new features have been sitting in GitHub for some time already.

As time went on, I had less and less time and motivation to do MeeGo development, and eventually I just assumed that only the brave people having Butaca built from upstream would benefit from the latest changes. This year, back in May, I received an email from The Movie Database announcing that the 2.1 API (the one used in Butaca) was reaching its End Of Life in 15th September, a bit less than a month from now.

I always thought I would just sit during a weekend, fix these stability changes and replace the API, but the truth is that after I moved to the UK, the kind of "relaxed weekend" needed for that doesn't seem to come too often. In short, I don't plan to update Butaca before this deadline, so it will stop working.

So what are your chances as an user? You can use Pop Flix: since they use Rotten Tomatoes, they shouldn't have any issues with deprecated APIs. Regarding your favourite movies and artists, they are saved in a very simple Sqlite database, so you can manually retrieve the values from there. Of course, since it is Open Source, you can go to the repository, fork it and do the changes yourself.

I really enjoyed developing Butaca. Although it didn't get to be extremely popular, it achieved more than 10000 downloads, and a really nice 5-star average of 74 reviews. Thanks to everyone who used it and enjoyed it, and specially to those who sent me an email with feedback... and even patches!