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Butaca: getting close to the first release

This time, some screenshots before heading to bed.

Browsing by genres

Browsing Sci-Fi

Searching people

You can check out the full set of screenshots at Picasa, the code at Gitorious, and -only for the braves!- a Debian package. Thanks a lot to Tuomas Siipola, who sent me the placeholder icons for persons and movies, and to Felipe Erias, who is guiding me on the UI design.

EDIT: Also uploaded the screenshots to Flickr, with descriptions in each view.

EDIT 2: You can follow these steps to use my OBS repository and keep Butaca updated :)

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  1. How can I use the same “dark” theme in N950 applications? As you can see, my application uses the “blanco” theme by default:

    Thanks for your help!

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