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Butaca in Harmattan

Three weeks ago, the N9 was announced. Little can be added to what's been written: it's a great achievement, but also a bitter one. Still, I really think that great things can be done on this platform, and that's why I applied to the N950 Devkit Program.

My initial idea was to port Maevies from Fremantle to Harmattan, keeping the same architecture. In the week or so that went between the N9 announcement and the filtering of the candidates for the devkit program, I resumed the development on the client side, bringing the ability to save and load favorite movies, as well as other minor UI fixes, and also updated the D-Bus service so that it would compile on HARMATTAN target.

When I knew I was selected for the program, I started using PySide (specifically Harmattan Python) to quickly get a working UI which could connect to the D-Bus service... but it turned out that I didn't need it, thanks to the powerful way to deal with XML models inside QML. Today I've uploaded "Butaca" application to gitorious. Still a draft of what I expect it to be, it lets the user search and browse through movies, and get detailed information about them. I also created an entry at the MeeGo Wiki at User:Spenap/Butaca.

Butaca - Welcome View

Butaca - Search View

Butaca - Results View

Butaca - Detailed Result


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  1. Of course you used a zombie movie as example! =)

  2. Of course :D, haha.

  3. Will you port it also to the N900’s Maemo 5?

    • My current goal is to get this in a stable state for Harmattan. However, the only Harmattan-specific things I’m using at the moment are related to the navigation (page stacks and the like). All the logic and functionality use QML stuff which should be already available in Maemo 5, so backporting it shouldn’t be too complicated. I will take a look at it in the near future, and write about what should be changed to get it working on the N900s.

  4. really like your app, but in Dutch language settings the words are not translated, for example ‘btc-welcome-header’ :) Would be nice if it would just take english language or would be translated.

    • Oh! I didn’t know that, and actually always thought that English was working fine as the fall-back option. I’ll get a look at this and try to get it fixed ASAP. Thanks for reporting!

    • OK, I’ve just fixed that and sent a version for review to the Ovi Store. Hopefully it won’t take much for the update to appear. Again, thanks for reporting this!

  5. Hmm … it’s still the same. I think I have to wait a bit longer for the update at the ovi store :)

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