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Mahjong Solitaire for the Nokia N9

Get Mahjong from the Nokia Store

Last week, we got Mahjong Solitaire for N9 finally published.

This has been a great opportunity to use QML in my daily work at Igalia, instead of using it simply for the occasional hacking, such as Butaca or the XKCD reader.

So far, comments in the Nokia Store have been really positive -although some people seem to miss the classic theme from the Mahjongs available back in Maemo. But not only the comments are positive: the application is currently listed in the first position of the Top Free games!

Drop me a line (spena at if you find issues, you have suggestions or if you simply want to complain about the colors 😉

Posted by Simón

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  1. The colors are awful! 😛

    Just joking 😉

    Great (and really addictive) work! Keep rocking!

  2. :-( Useless eye-candy dirt. Back me tiles from N810 !!!

  3. With no-mad-colors, simply, classic, eye-ergonomic tiles (~N810) .. i pay for it ..

  4. Please make it with the traditional tileset. Or make it choosable. No more candy!! 😉

  5. My eyes hurt playing this. And cannot concentrate to get top times now! Make the traditional tileset for this please! :)

  6. Ok, it is maybe little bit less painful with the arabic number tiles, but then the lack of feeling makes playing boring.

    • There’s definitely a lot of people asking for that. I hope to be able to provide good news soon :-)

  7. Did you ever manage to change the colours Simon? It still looks pretty lurid on the page your link goes to! Is there another version?

    • Nope, I’m sorry. Those good news I was waiting for never came, so I’m afraid I don’t have the proper permissions to do any changes :(

  8. Wish there was a version of this on android, the versions I have found so far are pretty ugly in comparison and full of ads.

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